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Rivers, water, climate and cities - Webcast now available Posted: 16/09/2011

September’s seminar was presented by University of Sheffield academic Abigail Hathway, who talked about how rivers can help cities stay cool in a warming world. Keeping urban areas cool during the summer is a big and growing issue; global warming and increasing urbanisation resulting in more deaths due to heat stress and a considerable amount of energy consumed by air conditioning. One of the most environmentally friendly methods to cool cities is to exploit the cooling microclimates produced by waterbodies in cities, such as rivers or lakes. But this can only be done if we understand how extensive these microclimates are, and how they can be manipulated. In Sheffield Abigail has been taking temperature profiles of the city, and built up a picture of how the River Don cools the city, information that can potentially used to inform urban design. To listen to Abigail’s presentation click here or to see watch other URSULA seminars click here.