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URSULA Seminar 9: Landscape Visualisation for communication, participation, and decision-making in planning and design - Webcast now available Posted: 29/07/2011


Head of the Landscape Department at the University of Sheffield, Eckart Lange presented an overview of the use of landscape visualisation media (e.g. paintings, computer generated imagery) to communicate changes in the landscape (e.g. deforestation, new towns). Proving the adage that 'one picture is worth a thousand words', landscape visualisation has long been used to involve people in the planning and design of landscape change. Eckart provided an interesting account of the history of this approach to landscape design, from its beginnings (earlier than you might expect in Ancient Egypt) to the cutting edge work such as the 3D urban simulations currently being developed in the URSULA project. Click here to view the seminar.