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Successful URSULA Consortium Workshop Posted: 10/03/2008

The 6th and 7th of March were days of intense debate and discussion for the URSULA consortium when they gathered for the project’s mobilisation workshop at the University of Sheffield.
The workshop presented a chance for the large consortium to meet together as a group, sharing information, perspectives and ideas and was instrumental in driving forward the project vision of URSULA.
Leaders of the People, Design, River and Value themes led discussion groups expanding on theme tasks and on possible interventions to the river corridor which were presented to and debated by the wider group.
Additionally some exciting PhD projects were identified by the consortium which would further complement URSULA research and are now advertised on the URSULA website.
An opportunity to learn from another urban river corridor came from guest speaker Prof. Peter Batey, Chair of the Mersey Basin Campaign who gave an interesting talk on ‘The Mersey Basin Campaign: An Object Lesson in Partnership Working’.