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Webcast now available of Liz Sharp's seminar 'Science for the new water management: People, pollution and plumbing' Posted: 16/03/2011

People, pollution and plubing

Another stimulating seminar was presented by Dr Liz Sharp, senior lecturer in environmental governance and management at the University of Bradford. Liz, whose research focuses on the social and institutional aspects of waste and water environmental policy, discussed the changing view of what water management should deliver, and some of the research issues that need addressing if the current mainstream vision of water management is to be realised. Specifically, Liz used the case study of plumbing misconnections to illustrate the need for both positivist science and interpretive social science to answer complementary research questions that inform how our aspirations for improved water management can to be achieved. However, as she explans, combining the two methods of generating knowledge is far from simple, and could boil down to fundamental differences in the way subscribers to both techniques view the world. To view this or other webcasts created of URSULA seminars click here.