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URSULA academic wins Digital Landscape Architecture 2010 Award Posted: 05/06/2010

Eckart Lange, URSULA academic and Proffesor at the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield delivered a keynote presentation at the 11th Digital Landscape Architecture 2010 conference, held at Anhalt University of Applied  Sciences in Germany, entitled "3D-Visualisation for the Sustainable Development of Urban River Landscapes: Approaches in the Multidisciplinary URSULA Project."

Decided by a vote of participants of the conference, Eckart was honoured with
the 'Digital Landscape Architecture 2010 Award for IT Research in Landscape Architecture'.

The refereed proceedings include the following two papers of URSULA researchers:

GILL, L., E. LANGE, E. MORGAN & D. ROMANO 2010: Interactive 3D 
Landscape Assessment Models. In: E. Buhmann, M. Pietsch & E.  Kretzler (eds.): Digital Landscape Architecture 2010, Wichmann, Berlin, 214-220.

MORGAN, E., L. GILL, E. LANGE & D. ROMANO 2009: Rapid Prototyping of  Urban River Corridors Using 3D Interactive, Real-time Graphics. In: E. Buhmann, M. Pietsch & E. Kretzler (eds.): Digital Landscape Architecture 2010, Wichmann, Berlin, 182-190.