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Part 2 of the River Sheaf Walk double bill now out Posted: 06/02/2010

URSULA researchers by the Sheaf WalkNot letting the freezing temperatures get between the URSULA researchers and a chance to enjoy Sheffield's urban rivers, the  research team headed to the Sheaf Valley for a festive walk along the River Sheaf Walk.  The Sheaf, the river from which Sheffield derives its name, is one of the major tributaries of the Don in the city. Its source starts in the Pennine moors south west of the city, flowing north east until its confluence with the Don in the heart of the city. We joined the river at Millhouses Park, originally farmland dotted with water mills, but now a large urban park in residential suburbs of the city. We followed the river downstream, which runs parallel to the Midland Mainline Railway line and Abbeydale Road, passing an increasingly urbanised landscape. Indeed, the urban pressure on the river visibly increases as you move downstream, changing  from a river bordered by trees, to a channelised river straight-jacketed in concrete, before finally disappearing totally under a culvert.

For those of you who love urban rivers as much as we do, you'll be happy to know you can view our second installment of photos from the second half of the walk at the lower reaches of the Sheaf nearing Sheffield City Centre, a chance to share in the sites of the walk. To browse these pictures click here for part 2, click here for part 1.

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As the URSULA project continues, we will add our most recent photos so keep on checking the website. If you would like to share a photo on the website please send an email to Ed Shaw.