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URSULA’s new face Posted: 13/10/2009

Starting this week URSULA has just got bigger. A new researcher, Laurence Pattacini, has joined Task 4 – ‘Urban Forms Design’, bringing her expertise in landscape planning to the project. As part of her work, Laurence will be working with other members of Task 4 to draw up new, distinctive and high quality designs for urban river corridors that maximise economic, social and environmental benefits. These designs will be visionary, drawing on the innovative river corridor interventions being studied by the URSULA team at the forefront of the latest cross-disciplinary research. The resulting integrated designs of Task 4 can then be assessed and compared to alternatives using a suite of sustainability indicators. 

Of course to get a feeling for the practicalities of these designs they need to be grounded in the real world. And what better place then Sheffield, one of the UK’s largest cities, which has large areas of urban river corridor awaiting redevelopment.  One such site chosen by URSULA to create designs for is Wicker Riverside in central Sheffield, a rundown and underused area of the city adjacent to the River Don. Ample brownfield land and derelict buildings means there is plenty of scope at the site to apply radical urban design, though within the realistic constraints of an urban setting.  With this urban canvas and a set of cutting edge interventions to play with, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at creating a new vision for Sheffield’s river corridors?