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Busy day at Nursery Street Posted: 07/09/2009


By Tom WildResearchers by Wicker Riverside

Friday 14th August was a busy day on-site for the URSULA team! Our main focus at present is centred around Nursery Street, part of the Sheffield central area flood defence and regeneration scheme at Wicker Riverside in the city centre. During this one day alone we had seven researchers out surveying levels, recording pedestrian users, monitoring ambient temperatures and interviewing local businesses!

Researchers out in the field now include staff and students from tasks on urban form, assessment of interventions, communities and stakeholders, and using the river to modify microclimate and to provide heat and power for local buildings.

The regeneration scheme is a Sheffield City Council-led plan, proposing major changes to the infrastructure of the river corridor in the city centre, including a potential flood defence scheme to protect local people and properties against fluvial (river) flooding during extreme rainfall events in the Don catchment. Other aspects of the proposals include urban designs for a new riverside park, access improvements, and enhancements to the public realm such as local streets and squares. The project has been funded by Yorkshire Forward and a combination of other grants including money from Interreg IVB under the ‘VALUE’ project on valuing attractive landscapes in the urban economy.

The Wicker Riverside area is an important point at which the city interacts with its main river, the Don. So getting the proposals right is an important challenge for all those involved, and a major partnership of agencies and authorities recently came together to see what can be done to implement community aspirations for the area, as laid out in the results of a consultation exercise. The Council has been working very closely with the Environment Agency, another of our project partners, on the scheme.  

Full details of the plans, including background information, results of various studies and future proposals can be found at the Council’s City Development Division website If you want to learn more about our work on case studies, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you out and about soon!