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SuDs in Sheffield Posted: 04/08/2009

By Abigail Hathway

Yet again we are experiencing a wet and unsettled summer in the UK. Although disappointing to most people this does provide many opportunities within URSULA to monitor our storm water interventions. As well as our continuous flow monitoring on the ‘living roof’ at Jessop West on the university campus we are studying the storm water ponds in Manor Park, Sheffield. This consists of three ponds located in series within the park. These collect the storm water running off the housing estate, slowing the flow to the river. The pictures below show the first of three treatment ponds before, during and after the rain on Wednesday 29th July.

SuDs at Manor Park

Left: Before the rain 10:40 Wednesday 29th July
Centre: During the rain 16:00 Wednesday 29th July
Right: After the rain 11:00 Friday 31st July