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URSULA at Nordic Environmental Social Science (NESS) Conference Posted: 29/06/2009

By Peter Moug

Three papers from members of URSULA’s People theme were presented at the 9th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference (NESS) held in UCL London in June 2009: Governance of urban river corridor ecosystem services’ by Alison Holt; ‘Qualifications, Practical Constraints and Dilemmas: The Story of a Stakeholder Workshop’ by P. Moug, L. Sharp, S. Connelly and S. Molyneux-Hodgson and Studying a river corridor: exploring positionality in the production of knowledge on sustainability’ by S. Molyneux-Hodgson, N. Schiessel, S. Connelly, G. Haughton, A. Holt, P. Moug and L. Sharp. Participants from URSULA took advantage of this opportunity to discuss and hear about environmental social science research from the UK and the Nordic countries. Participants met in a set of thematic workshops covering a range of issues and debates relevant to the conference’s theme of ‘learning and action for sustainability’. The papers from URSULA were presented in the ‘water: supply, quality, flooding’ and ‘community engagement for sustainability’ workshops.