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Flash flooding hits Sheffield Posted: 12/06/2009

Car flooded in the flash floods of 2009

Only two years after the severe flooding of the summer of 2007, Sheffield has once again suffered from a fresh deluge. On Wednesday 10th of June, torrential rain over a period of several hours left several areas of the city submerged, causing widespread havoc and damage. Property was flooded, trams and trains were unable to run, traffic was gridlock, and even cars were swept away along submerged roads. However unlike the flooding in 2007, the flooding this summer was not caused by the Don bursting its banks, but instead the drainage system being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the water running off the land. In certain hotspots in the city, water accumulates faster than it drains away causing it to accumulate, which lead on Wednesday to significant localised flooding. With the prospect of such intense rainfall events becoming more intense in the future due to climate change, how Sheffield can adapt to this type of weather is a pressing question.

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