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Ursulite invited to give keynote speech Posted: 10/06/2009

Green space in Arnhem

URSULA’s international links grew when Tom Wild, URSULA’s project manager, was invited to give a keynote talk at the 12th European Forum on Urban Forestry in Arnhem, The Netherlands, on the 26-30th of May. The conference theme of ‘Working together for green city values’ was very meaningful to Tom, who previously managed the €10m Interreg IIIB project Creating a Setting for Investment which sought to demonstrate the links between landscape and economic investment decisions, as well as his current work in URSULA investigating whether there are significant social, economic and environmental gains to be made by integrated and innovative interventions in urban river corridors.

The presentation, ‘Making Places Profitable – The Role of Urban Green Space’ examined the potential role of green space in creating both attractive and functional urban places, questioning potential effects on city competitiveness, focusing on relationships between landscape quality and investment decisions. If you’d like to read the abstract click here.

Tom is ardent that the research of projects like URSULA and CSI are important in improving the quality and long term sustainability of urban life; “Why ‘making places profitable’? Put simply, because I believe everyone has a role to play in making regeneration happen – and this includes those of us who are working to improve the environment. But if we could only ‘prove’ that providing attractive greenspaces and creating great public places can attract investment and stimulate economic growth, then perhaps our jobs would be that little bit easier...”.