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Sheffield researchers participate in testing new storm water model Posted: 09/04/2009

On the 23rd of March two Sheffield University researchers from the URSULA project and the Pennine Water Group travelled to the USA to attend training in the new storm water modelling tool SUSTAIN (System for Urban Stormwater Treatment and Analysis Integration) in order to participate in the beta testing phase. Developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) this model will become freely available to the public once the testing is completed.

SUSTAIN has been developed over some 10 years as a decision support tool for professionals involved in the planning and implementation of BMPs. The model is based on, and develops, existing USEPA models, drawing them together under a common framework with a GIS (Geographical Information System) interface. SUSTAIN combines the benefits of GIS in understanding the most appropriate place to site BMPs with simulation tools to evaluate their effectiveness. By drawing these together with an optimisation tool the user is guided through an iterative process to choose the most appropriate BMP system at a range of scales. Importantly it is the only current tool globally that can model both the water quantity and quality performance of these systems. This model will be used within URSULA to compare the quality and quantity of run-off from our case study sites for traditionally piped approaches and alternative BMP designs.

If you are interested in learning more about the SUSTAIN we will be holding a presentation about the software and its use in URSULA at the University of Sheffield on Thursday April 23rd from 10-11am. For more details and to book a place please contact Abigail Hathway:

(e: t: 0114 2226281).