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Monitoring work begins on Jessop West’s ‘Living Roof’ Posted: 18/03/2009

By Abigail Hathway

Sheffield University’s new building on the Jessop site not only has a striking façade but also several integral environmental features, including a living roof. This roof has been specifically designed to promote wildlife and may also provide positive drainage benefits by retaining water at source on the roof, and slowing down the release of peak flows to the sewers. In the Integrated Urban Water Management part of URSULA the long term performance of this roof in attenuating the rainwater run-off is being studied. Permanent flow monitoring stations have been installed in custom built manholes and are now automatically logging the flow of water off the roof. These flows will be compared to rain data in order to understand the ability of the roof to retain water under different storm durations and intensities.  Long term monitoring of a full scale roof also enables the changing performance to be monitored from the initial construction, as the vegetation develops and as the roof ages.

Within URSULA this knowledge will be used to validate simulations of different storm water solutions at our case study sites.

Jessop West Green Roof

One of the wings of Jessop West showing the Green Roof immediately after installation, following February’s intense snow storm, and as the first plants begin to grow.