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Article on URSULA in July's Issue of U-Inspire Posted: 17/07/2008

U-Inspire Article: Floods of ideas for riverside developments


Following last year’s floods, the power of the UK’s rivers and the impact they can have on our society and our economy are clear. With a substantial amount of planned re-development in the country’s river corridors, often on flood plains, it is vital that developments are sustainable and take into account problems such as flooding and the impacts of climate change.


Redevelopment of river corridors is a complex task with a multitude of factors and stakeholders influencing decisions. Consideration must be given to the people who live and work in the area, the organisations responsible for managing the land and rivers and the options for innovation and intervention. Environmental impacts such as ecology, flood capacity and pollution are further issues to consider. The costs and benefits of all of these factors must be weighed up in order to achieve the right balance for all stakeholders concerned.


The University is currently working on a project that will help assess developments in urban river corridors. URSULA (Urban River Corridors and Sustainable Living Agendas) will provide new ideas, models and designs that will lead to improved policy and practice, using Sheffield’s River Don as the main case study.


URSULA brings together diverse stakeholder perspectives by working closely with organisations such as Sheffield City Council and the Environment Agency, as well as gaining research input from the universities of Bradford and Durham. The project will also engage with the community, giving local people the opportunity to voice their opinions through workshops.


Martin Slater, Area Planning and Corporate Services Manager at the Environment Agency, explained: “The Environment Agency takes the leading role in helping this country to adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change. There will be a greater need to flood proof our towns and cities, and URSULA will make a very vital contribution to learning how to avoid experiences like last year’s flooding.”





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